our friends

  NAGUAL - the incredible primitive-ethno-avant-garde band from Minsk. They call it psycho-folk, but that don`t explain either. The most unexplainable and sincere music ever... Our guitar player Ivan plays with them sometimes and is immensely proud. Visit their site first!

  DROBINSKA - GIRASOL - the two other bands of our clarinet player Alik. First is authentic Moldavian music with a drumset and sweet female vocal, the other is... well the rest! Bag-pipe, jembe.

   DOBRANOCH - Great klezmer-balkan band from Petersburg.

  DER PARTIZANER KISH - our friends - mandolin, fiddle, guitar (soprano is she) and bass guitar (soprano`s brother is he) - nice people extremely shy onstage.

  YIDDISH RADIO - (in RealAudio) - great for learning Yiddish, useful for creating special atmosphere at psychedelic parties too.

  KLEZMERSHACK - Did you know? the most popular (bay undz at least) klezmer source online.

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